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    72. You can save a lot of weight by using running shorts that weigh around 3 ounces instead of heavier cargo shorts. 71. If you need more insulation, there are ultralight jackets made with down that weigh less than 8 ounces, about the weight of a T-shirt. 59. You can more effectively use tent options without netting if you repel insects by adding permethrin to your tent. 60. Shake the water from your tent before packing it on a damp morning. And even if it’s not dangerous, it’ll be heavier when it’s wet because the water weight won’t dry as quickly as other fabrics. Another cause is that a pregnant woman’s center of gravity will gradually move forward which causes her posture to change, and of course, because of the baby, there is additional weight that the back must support. Hammocks can be as light as about 2 pounds, and there are some great advantages like being able to set up on uneven ground.

    69. Very light synthetic materials and silk may allow you to leave heavier, bulkier fleece at home. Sometimes, after staying in a house you feel incompatibility with the location or environment so, renting here will be considered as more beneficial because you have full freedom to move to a new location whenever needed whereas owning a home needs a huge investment so you cannot shift again and again. A lender will show more interest and consider you with greater importance if you have a co-signer for your auto loan. Spending time in a Hot Tub Spa gives us the benefits of staying away from that tablet or phone that we are usually hooked to thereby giving us more quality time for ourselves. Do yoga – Yoga positions are known for helping your posture, reducing stress so you can produce HGH (human growth hormone) to grow taller, and just over all making you feel better. 62. You can shave ounces by making some last-minute decisions about whether to carry things like rain pants. 64. Your rain pants can be lighter than 4 ounces if you use "chaps" that cover your legs but are open at the midsection. 47. In some dry regions, you may be able to use a bivy sack or sleeping bag cover as your only shelter.

    We’ve already mentioned combination poncho/tarps if you want a piece of gear that serves as shelter and rain gear. 50. dream sleep pillow , lightweight tarps can reduce your shelter weight to a pound or less. 77. A baseball-type hat from lightweight ripstop nylon for sun protection can weigh less than an ounce. 78. A painter’s cap will give you cheap, light protection from the sun. 67. One very light short sleeve shirt and one long-sleeve shirt should be enough. 55. If you use a ground cloth, use one that’s a light as possible. Look for a light belt. If the weather and conditions look good, you can leave items in the car. Not anymore. This article will take a quick look at what’s available and offer a short guide so that you will have a better idea of what you want before you hit the High Street or start googling for a new pillow. We deal with a vast array of Transcription services india and offer best results to our clients.

    66. One of the best lightweight clothing rules is "no multiples." If you have one pair of pants, running shorts and/or rain gear are enough backup. If it’s bigger than your tent, you can catch unwanted rain and funnel it under you. 75. A lightweight watch cap (beanie or lightweight stocking cap) can weigh as little as an ounce. A lightweight nylon accessory strap with a quick-release buckle works well. Most people at large have been so well manipulated into obedience or compliance they have no idea that this is going on. What most people don’t know is that doubles often only give the couple the equivalent of a crib mattress width (for each person) to try to get some rest on! You can get your free credit score report, understand how much you can comfortably pay on the basis of your income and avail an auto loan. 39. At .4 oz. you can get a pillow at Office Depot.