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    Polar Refrigeration and Manufacturing LLC, UAE have been one of the leading manufacturers of water coolers & chillers, and among the top sellers in the Middle East, Manufactured 100% in UAE, with an area with an important industrial fabric and logistics network.Polar offers a broad selection of products and filtration technologies.
    water cooler bottles understand that businesses have different needs, and local water conditions vary. Let us customize a solution for you.Polar has an active R&D department specialized in water coolers, which allows the company to launch new products and processes in the market. Factory specialized in water coolers & chillers, offers a broad range of models able to satisfy the needs and habits of different clients in a wide variety of countries. Flexible production in conjunction with the R&D department and deep market knowledge allows the company to design models that fulfill specific requirements.The local market leader in providing water coolers to businesses, Polar is a leading provider of filtered water coolers to businesses in United Arab Emirates.The Best Service in the Industry – Polar has a highly experienced service team that stands behind every water cooler that we install. Our technicians handle even the toughest installs without disrupting decor or your operation, so you can focus on business and leave the water to us.


    You can always expect from Polar Water Coolers

    Products and services of consistently exceptional value.

    Professional and dedicated service people to provide prompt service.

    Outstanding customer service that is superior to our competitors.

    Honest and ethical conduct including strict adherence.


    Water quality check

    Temperature Control checked and adjusted.

    Cooler will be checked and serviced to insure that they are operating at maximum efficiency

    Filters/ Membranes will be checked and replaced during the entire period at no additional cost

    Exterior cleaning of coolers

    Interior cleaning of coolers


    Our new Vision is almost identical to the one we had before. We aspire to be a global supplier and benchmark in innovative products & solutions in advanced materials, offering service, and management excellence. While fulfilling and exceeding customer expectations, our goal is to remain profitably sustainable and focused on the personal development of our people.

    Our Values

    At Polar Refrigeration, our key values of safety, quality, productivity and innovation are the foundation of our business as we work to fulfill our mission of operating in a safe, responsible and profitable manner.


    We drive continuous improvement of our products, processes and services in order to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.


    At Polar Refrigeration, safety comes first and we are first in safety. Our industry-leading approach to safety is more than a business objective; it is part of our culture. It is the foundation of all we do and what matters most to us.


    Our Polar Refrigeration team creates innovative, high-quality steel solutions for our customers in a safe, responsible, and profitable manner.

    “We provide sustainable and efficient solutions to our customers through expertise and innovation.”

    We seek customer satisfaction through a portfolio of products and services that are constantly being developed.

    We are a reliable company that fulfills its obligations with internal and external clients.

    We seek excellence, through rigorous process management and the systematic application of ongoing improvement.

    We seek to contribute to the development of society and our suppliers, developing as professionals and people, working as a team and constantly measuring our results.

    Our Products Description

    Tropicalized Water Coolers

    The Polar water coolers have enhanced insulation capabilities that are built to endure the high ambient temperature and high relative humidity in tropical countries. To cope with these extreme climates the copper tubing around the tank is covered with an aluminium conductive compound for better heat transfer.

    Food Grade Stainless Steel Tank with PUF Insulation

    The Polar water coolers storage tanks are built with high-quality food grade stainless steel which guarantees crystal clear and safe drinking water. Each tank is Seam welded and leak tested once before insulation. A unique PUF insulation ensures that water remains cool for a longer period in case of power failure and hence it saves lot of power

    Stainless Steel Body Assembly

    Stainless steel body is highly resistant to corrosion, whether it’s from atmospheric conditions or chemical solvents. Thanks to its protective oxide layer, stainless steel prohibits oxidation and corrosion. Additionally, stainless steel has greater strength than aluminum.

    Easy Controls

    The externally mounted thermostat makes it easy to set water temperature. No need to open service panels.

    Faster Cooling

    High Energy Efficient Compressor speeds up the cooling process so that you get cold water faster. It also ensures less power consumption.

    High Efficiency Heat Transfer Coil

    High quality copper tubes with Rippled Aluminium Fins for its air-cooled condenser ensure highest heat transfer efficiency.

    Faucets And Drip Tray

    The heavy plated drip-proof faucets are located at a convenient height with the water waste tray to prevent splashing and facilitate easy removal of dirt.

    Sturdy And Adjustable Plastic Legs

    The Polar water coolers are equipped with Sturdy and an adjustable plastic leg which helps to the stand steady on uneven surfaces.

    ECO Friendly Refrigerant

    CFC-Free refrigerant ensures that there’s no damage to the environment.

    THigh-Quality Float Valve/Water Inlet And Outlet Connection And Food Grade Plastic Parts

    High-quality nickel-plated brass float Valve and Water inlet and outlet connections prevent rust and ensure the most hygienic water. Plastic parts that come in contact with water are of food grade quality, ensuring hygiene.

    Copper Tube

    The copper tube around the tank is flattened so that the surface of the tube touching the water tank is increased by 70%. Also, Conductive Aluminum paste is placed between the tube and surface of the tank. Increasing the efficiency of the water cooler by 70%. As consumed as the water is cooled much faster.

    Our Quality Policy

    In the line of polar refrigeration manufacturing L L C vision for the future, we develop and manufacture affordable, easy-to-use, reliable consumer products and deliver after sales service by implementing state-of-the art technologies to satisfy our customer needs beyond their expectations.