• Harrison Harder posted an update 3 months, 1 week ago

    As we concentrate more on the environment as business we should be taking the initiative to do all we can to do to help recycle more products and waste. Consumers are also becoming more ethically and environmentally minded and so this should be taken into consideration especially for businesses supplying goods, or who have a public facing business.

    One area of the business that should be considered is all the people who are supplying your business with services or products.
    kebersihan lingkungan A majorly overlooked area is the area of cleaning and servicing. Does your janitorial supplies company take this into consideration? Do they understand you needs when it comes to environmental responsibility?

    Many hygiene supplies companies do understand your requirements and are happy to take this into consideration when sourcing products for your company. Your washroom supplies should always look to be recyclable where possible – toilet paper and hand towels are the two most obvious considerations. What about all the other products your use in your company that are not normally considered? Ask the janitorial supplier if the hygiene vending machine holds environmentally friendly products – deodorants without CFCs or recyclable packaging. Also ask your supplier how they can help with office equipment recycling.

    Many suppliers can give you advice at the least on where to recycle products or how you can do it, but some can actually provide the collection bins and arrange the collection. If you have weekly or fortnightly curbside collection, your cleaners should ensure that all the waste is place in the correct bags for landfill. Did you know, however, that it is cheaper recycle waste than disposing of normal waste due to the landfill tax? You are actually saving money every time you send out one bag to be recycled over sending out normal rubbish to be disposed of. Ask your janitorial supplier for suggestions on how to encourage your employees to recycle.

    If you customers see that you are taking your environmental responsibilities seriously they will have more faith in you as a company and could encourage them to return to your business. It is best to begin the practise of recycling early on before such things become mandatory and will take more time and resources in the future to integrate into your business practise.